Azurmalachite Bluebird Pendant

Azurmalachite Bluebird Pendant


Two gorgeous pieces of azurmalachite - a combination of azurite and malachite from Arizona.   Echoing the stone's nickname of "bluebird," you'll find a tiny bluebird on the back of the sterling setting. 

The optional matching chain is handmade from fine silver, and has a malachite bead accenting the 1.25" drop.

  • Details & Measurements

    Pendant is 2.75" x 1".   Set in a fine silver bezel with an Argentium sterling silver setting.  Argentium silver is tarnish resistant silver alloy, with a higher silver content than normal sterling silver. 

    The handmade fine silver chain (available as an additional option) links at two different lengths (18" and 20") with an additional 1.25" decorative drop.  The beads decorating the drop mirror the colors and gemstones in the pendant.